Uploader guide

In order to simplify the process of downloading and uploading data I have created small app that will help you with that.

It does only 2 things:

Upload to website from clipboard or addon's save file.
Download from website and import data to addon.



First of all you will want to generate API key. It's just a random string that will point the uploader to your guild.

In order to do so go to your guild's page and find this button on the left sidebar.  

Api keys

Once there press create button.



You can create up to 6 keys , each key has trigger count and cooldown period. You can download or upload once per 60 seconds.

You will want to paste this key to the uploader. Once pasted it will be saved for future use.



Uploader can upload data either from clipboard or addon's xml save file , clipboard will be checked first.

All you have to do is to go to addon's Export window and press Website Export button and then copy to clipboard. If you want to use xml method just press small button on the left from the said button.

Once you have done this all you have to do is to press upload button in uploader. ...

Download and import

Log out from Wildstar! Character selection will do.

Once logged out just press download button in uploader and wait for confirmation message. When you log in again you should be presented with this window: