What EPGP is?

If you are unfamiliar with EPGP / DKP , they are simply loot distribution methods in MMOs. They are quite popular in World of Warcraft for instance and I decided to implement those methods in Wildstar.

The concept is rather simple , each guild member has two values :
Effort Points (EP)
Gear Points (GP)

The value from diving Effort Points by Gear Point is called Priority (PR)

This Priority value determines who will get certain item.

How does it work?

Effort Points

Effort points are awarded when player contributes to the guild or raid in some way , it varies on guild to guild basis.The bigger the value the bigger player's PR is.
For instance it can be awarded for:
Boss kills
Preparing items necessary for raid
Helping newbies gear up
Participating in raid from start to finish

Gear Points

Gear Points are the price that player is paying for an item. Each item has its own GP value that can be adjusted based on item slot , power and quality. When GP is awarded this player's PR goes down.


GP value on item tooltip.


GP value settings.


In order to keep things fresh there's Decay system implemented. Let's say that each week you are decreasing both EP and GP by 20% , in result you are preventing EP hoarding and keep PR values as thay are.

BaseGP , MinEP and RealGP

Both BaseGP and MinEP are default values for new.
Minimum EP is the lowest possible EP value.
Base GP is the value that makes new player start with low PR so thay cannot instantly grab loot.
RealGP is the GP value reduced by BaseGP and it can be used for Decay so that only what certain player has earned vanishes.


Let's say that there's an item to be awarded and two different people want to get their hands on it.We will call them Player A and Player B

As you can see Player B has lower PR value than Player A and therefore Player A is the winner.

When next item piece dropped the same situation occured and now Player B wins because Player A has lower PR.